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Elevate your dual language education journey with our comprehensive online and in-person courses. Designed for educators, coaches, and administrators, our courses offer in-depth insights, practical strategies, and hands-on experiences to maximize the benefits of bilingual instruction. 

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Our consulting services include professional development for dual language teachers and dual language leadership coaching for principals and central office administrators. Contact us to learn more!

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Unlock the power of tandem teaching with our dynamic speaking engagement services. We are available as keynote speakers or workshop facilitators for your event!

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Our mission is to support all tandem teachers in dual language programs to coordinate instruction across languages effectively, efficiently, and equitably... and to have fun while doing it!

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Strengthening Our Co-Teaching Relationships by Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

If you’re reading this blog, you know how hard dual language teachers work and how demanding the job can be. During the pandemic, with the shifts to remote and hybrid instruction, it’s gotten even harder - a LOT harder.

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Coordinating Classroom Management

As any classroom teacher knows, strong classroom management is the bedrock of good instruction. One of the most essential aspects of classroom management is managing transition routines between activities.

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Planning for Co-Planning

As a dual language tandem teacher, you know that you have to coordinate instruction across the two program languages to meet the goals of the program, but how and when do you do that? It seems like there’s never even enough time for planning what you’re doing in your own classroom, and taking additional time to coordinate with your partner teacher can feel daunting.

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Two heads are better than one!

Co-teaching in a dual language program can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it does have its challenges. In our book, Dual Language Tandem Teaching: Coordinating Instruction across Languages through Cross-Linguistic Pedagogies, we show you how to work together to promote student success and teacher satisfaction!

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Get the Common Roots and Soil Self Assessment, a powerful resource designed to guide educators in evaluating their proficiencey in implementing the Common Roots and Soil framework, delivered right to your inbox!